We don’t sell machines, we sell a complete service.

Soft Ice Cream1

Soft Ice Cream
Now you can choose the best machine to suit your own specific production needs and limitations of space,
our range of soft ice cream machines are able to meet every need, offering compact counter and floor versions for one flavour , two flavours,or four different flavours.
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Ice Peak Granita
Frozen Beverage Dispensers
Single, Double and Triple bowl units
Patented double-mixing system
Multi-cooling system
Attractive appearance
Simple to clean
Narrow footprint
Environmentally responsible R-404a refrigerant
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Cooling Beverage Dispenser
IMI Cornelius is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly soda circuit product range:
Energize – the cooler with an integrated diagnosis system. Using state-of-the-art active process
control technology, Energize saves up to 40%* of energy compared to conventional cooling systems with the same capacity.
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Hot Beverages
The hot beverages for a perfect breakfast
No limit to flavour and modern design for the new Breakfast!  Offer your guests a wide range of hot beverages for breakfast or for a break, thanks to the possibility to use 4 different soluble ingredients, allowing the user to choose between 6 flavours and 12 combinations.
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Iced tea

Iced tea and
cold coffee dispenser
the cold coffee products and black & green teas, whole milk and spices for their Chai tea products.
Design – Superior aesthetics and illuminated merchandiser to frive beverage sales
Easy to install – Plug and play installation for ready-to-drink products including milk, cold coffees, lattes, juices, and iced tea.
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juice dispenser
Wide product/ratio capability – Handles a wide
range of post-mix products including juices with pulp,
teas and cold coffees.
Ideal for high-volume, quick service operations.
Maximum profit from a minimum space;
Frost-free refrigeration compartment – Safely
accommodates frozen, ambient or aseptic concentrate
containers or BIB’s
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Ice Makers
a complete line of ice makers and dispensers
Choose from two cube sizes, full or half dice, to best
suit your need for ice.
Nickel plated evaporator resists the damaging effects
of water and ice over an extended period of time.
Automatic ice cube maker – spray system.
Quality cubes: compact, cold and crystalline.
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Frozen Beverage Dispensers
Frozen Carbonated / Non-Carbonated slush
Viper High Output
Viper 2-3 Flavor, High Output (FCB) Frozen Beverage Dispenser
Visual Frozen Carbonated Beverage (VFCB)
Re-inventing the world of beverage dispensers
The only equipment allowing to deliver Frozen Carbonated/
Non-Carbonated slush, featuring a visual system,
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